Full Racing

Kurt Axell fitted during the winter a 1275cc engine with Cooper S head, FJ-cam shaft, forged pistons, Weber 45 DCOE and got the unit fully balanced.

A number of Sports Car championships were raced during the year with good results.

Best was a 1st place at Anderstorp Raceway against Ginetta G4, Lotus Europa and Austin Healey’s.

Karlskoga Raceway


Kinnekulle Raceway

At home in the garden

A very special occasion at Mantorp Park. This is the weekend before the inaugaration of the track and this race was used to try out the start and timing system

Anderstorp Raceway. The only track in Sweden with F1 status

Fat Racing tyres will improve

Cool driver with cool safety equipment

Happy moment in Mantorp Pit boxes

Going back home after a nice racing weekend

A very nice movie showing some racing action during 1969.

Scenes from Anderstorp and Karlskoga

No sound but nice shots

Still today Kurt and I have frequent contact and we meet regulary. Kurt is my biggest support and time after time he has surprised me by giving back irreplacable parts from the Midget that he kept in his garage since the time he was active.

On the left I get the MG badge that is seen in the grill in all pictures above.

To the right I recieve the original leather steering wheel that Reine Wisell mounted in the car 1965. Also one of the fantastic original Cooper mag wheels. Including a very mature Dunlop Racing tyre from 1969...