A rising star takes the wheel!

Reine Wisell was really determined to further improve the car and added some new features to increase both road holding and durability.

The rear leaf springs and lever dampers were taken out and replaced by coil over telescopic dampers (Triumph Herald) and adjustable lower bars.

Ventilation was improved in the coupe by bigger openings in the rear.

Disc brakes were increased in diameter.

Improved gearbox was fitted.


During the -65 season Reine Wisell was participating in totally 10 races. A mix of national and international races on tarmac and ice. Haresjoloppet, Varpanloppet, Brunnsjoloppet, Ring Knutstorp, Skarpnack, Gellerasen and Roskilde Ring in Denmark.

He ended on a 7th place totally in the Swedish championship against profiles like Harry ”Sputnik” Kallstrom in Cooper-Mini, Leif Englund in Lotus Elite, Picko Troberg in Cooper-Mini, Arne Berg in R8 Gordini, Kay Honkanen in Lotus Elite and many more…..



Ice racing

Reine’s results in the 5 races included in the tarmac SM:

Ring Knutstorp, AprilDnf

Skarpnäck, May2nd

Gelleråsen, MayDnf

Skarpnäck, September5th

Gelleråsen, October5th

Notable is that he set a lap record during the race at Ring Knutstorp in April that took some years before it was broken.

International Racing

Here Reine is seen at one of the two international races 1965. It's on Roskilde Ring in Denmark and variety in the class is great.

Here's a great picture from the same race passing under the LUCAS bridge

Exactly 50 years later, Reine is back in the cockpit at Mantorp Park 2015