According to Swedish car registration authorities:

1st July, Stefan Wickström, Motala, new reg.no. EA 2644

Christer Claesson, Motala recalls today:

- My father who was both racing and rallying during the 60-ies and very often camped together with the famous "Team Balzar" in which Reine Wisell was a member. There was also a guy named Ulf Karlsson who's main job was to collect drive shafts from local scrap yards before the races.

I remember the Midget very well and still can not forget the moments when I was allowed to sit in it in the garage.

I also remember when Stefan Wickstrom bought the car, re-registered it and used it on normal roads. At one occation my father borrowed the car from Stefan and I was taken for a ride that still remains in my memory as something epic. It is still giving me the shivers remembering the sound, vibrations and absolutely no heating system. I was forced to act as defroster for my dad cleaning the screen constantly with a cloth.

As an interesting detail, I have been trying to buy the original wooden steering wheel shown in the rebuilding pictures from 1962

A couple of years ago I managed. I have it now as a nice pice of history on the wall.


According to Swedish car registration authorities:

16th  November, Philipssons, Motala

20th November, Lindströms bil, Falköping, new reg.no. R 46374

4th December, Sören Wetterström, Jönköping, new reg.no. F 79284

5th December, Leif Rosenkvist, Jönköping

1966 - 67