Build  1962 for racing by

BMC Sweden Competition Department


"When was the last time a Swedish car company decided to invest in a one off GT works car intended for the Swedish GT championship?

Well....before Bosse Elmhorn, manager of the Swedish Racing Department at BMC Sweden, gave the order of manufacturing the MG Midget Special shown in this article there hasn´t been anyone brave enough to kick off anything even close...."

Quote from the Swedish Car magazine "Teknikens Värld" nr. 18 1963

Here´s the story of a quite amazing little car that was lucky enough to be selected in 1962 to become a rare variant of an already very popular sportscar. The Competition Manager at BMC Sweden was a man with a vision and he decided to modify a normal MG Midget into something that the motor racing world (in Sweden at least) should remember for ever. In close cooperation with BMC Abingdon the car was fitted with alloy rear panels and doors. The fastback was hand made by a swedish alloy panel specialist from the aviation industry. The flip front was made by a swedish racing enthusiast and the engine and magnesium wheels were taken from a Cooper T59 FJ. The suspension was modified by installing telescopic shock absorbers on all four wheels and adding coil springs at the rear. Panhard rod and dry sump system was also included.

The project was not a massive success in the way of conquering everything on the tracks. But, it really made a foot print among the crowds and still today many enthusiats remebers it very well and it seem to generate only positive memories. It was mainly beating Lotus Elites and Mini Coopers as soon as the mechanics managed to last a complete race.

Peak season was definitely 1965 when ex-Formula 1 driver Reine Wisell bought the car and raced it thoroughly during the complete season both on tarmac and ice tracks. He also participated in two major International races and ended up on a very nice total 7th place in the Swedish Championship.

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