In time for racing!


The project was finished in time!


But there was not much time for any adjustments so when the car started at Skarpnack it was not tested at all. This was done at site and the car was found to be very difficult to drive. Actually it was so "scary" so Bosse Elmhorn decided to hand over the seat to the very well known Hasse Radefalk who was one of the top drivers in Sweden at the time.

During the two SM-races covered this year, Skarpnack and Karlskoga, the car showed stunning performance. Especially the handling was very unpredictable but when managed by a competent driver like Hasse Radefalk, it managed to finish on 2nd place at the premiere race ahead of Marcos and Minis, only just beaten by a Lotus Elite.


Unfortunately at Karlskoga the engine blow when the car was running on a secure 2nd place.


The total result of this ambitious but short lived project was:


- Overall a 6th position in the total Swedish championship

- An experience that both drivers and spectators never forgot

- All of the 50 Midgets in the freeport was sold within that year.....


Going back to the workshop after the 2nd race at Karlskoga.

Engine blown into small pieces. Radefalk put in 2nd gear in stead of 4th on the main straight.......

Even the Mini in front seem to have experienced difficulties. Front screen missing.